How did it start

Sometime in April this year, I was organizing a catch up dinner with my friends when I realized that I would be the only single person. Yet, in the 5 weeks before the dinner, most of the couples broke up, with only 2 couples remaining. Must be something in the air!

My social butterfly friend announced merrily that she was excited to embark on singlehood and that she has found this fun app… Yep, you guessed it, Tinder. A week or two later, another friend signed up with tinder. Then another one! I was curious, but because you have to sign up with Facebook, I was concern about anonymity when ‘liking’ someone on Tinder. I DON’T want everyone to know who I think is hot or not!

My friend assured me that you will only be notified if both you and the guy (or girl) like each other. Phew… Okay, so I went to my App store, searched for Tinder, and downloaded it. Within 5 minutes, I was sold on the whole Tinder thing. Suddenly, I felt like I was curating the Sydney male population. It was so easy and quick as there were no annoying profiles to read.

Does it feel like it’s a vanity contest? Sure! But admit it — when you’re out and about everyone checks everyone out. The difference is that you can choose which pictures you want to be shown and it leaves the guessing game out of it. If you both think each other is attractive based on the pictures, Tinder lets you know. The rest is up to you.

Does it sound like there will be tons of guys who are just in it for a one night stand? Oh yes, and girls too!

So is Tinder the right place to look for Mr. Right? I don’t know. Maybe not … probably not. All I know is that I have gotten tons of matches and been on 10 dates. Sometimes I had 3 dates in a week… (dating suddenly feels like a full time job!)

The jury is out and only time will tell, but I’m willing to give it a go. What have I got to lose?!

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