Rant time.

Guy (and girls) WHY do you have to screw up the beginning of a relationship/friendship/etc with fucking weird text messages?!?!

As you may recall, period guy and I were supposedly dunzo. However, he messaged me several times apologizing for canceling and wanting to catch up and he seemed like a nice enough guy so I told him (AS A PREFACE –against my much better judgment) that I was busy for the next few weeks (not an excuse but an actuality) and would like to catch up after, but that if he couldn’t be bothered, not to worry. He told me no problem and that he would also like to catch up. I thought, what a nice guy, what a refreshing change–a guy who doesn’t just want to get in my pants as soon as he can!

Well, I was wrong. He sent me a text earlier today asking if it would ruin our friendship if he sent me a shirtless picture. HUH??? Where did that come from. A. I didn’t know a 4 hour Tinder date = a friendship. B. REALLY? No offense, but you’re not exactly Vin Diesel. I really don’t want or need to see that at this point.

I don’t get it. He said he had a few drinks. Cool. But if you’re still coherent enough to use correct grammar and punctuation (all periods, still living up to his name) in your texts you are NOT drunk enough to justify sending messages like that. And no, it wasn’t his friend who grabbed his phone because he later told me to “forget it, it was just for the hell of it”. The hell of what? It was going so well! I was actually going to message you in a few weeks. I actually had some respect for you. That is completely gone now. So thanks for showing your true colours before I gave up another 4 hours of my time to work on our lovely “friendship”. You have been officially deleted from my phone. Douche.

I realise people make mistakes and say stupid shit. I am just annoyed and saddened that he made me feel cheap. I know it’s Tinder we’re talking about, but is that really an excuse?

Lesson from this: Don’t drink and text folks. And if you want to push a girl/guy away, absolutely do send then crazy ass texts (unless of course they are into that sort of shit). Stop being so damn nice to people. Sometimes they do not deserve a second chance (or text).

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